Monkii Bars 2

The exercise world has evolved to the point where people are increasingly trying to find ways to get workouts in without having to stay tied to a monthly membership or getting stuck in a musty old gym. The problem is: large-scale equipment can and will likely continue to be expensive and unwieldy. Back in 2014, Dan Vinson and David Hunt saw this problem and they tackled it, creating the first iteration of their versatile and ultra portable¬†Monkii Bars. Now they’ve taken the next step forward, introducing the more modernized and technologically advanced Monkii Bars 2.

These American-made, completely self-contained suspension devices can be set up in less than a minute and include two super strong suspension straps, two simple adjustable connectors (to set up numerous different workout types), and four attached plugs for easy storage. This new version also comes in a variety of different finishes, includes the company’s new app (so you can follow along with workouts or find places to use your bars), and has two optional case upgrades for easy portability and expandable exercise options. And, starting at just $98, they’ll run you far less than those constant monthly fees.[Purchase]

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Monkii Bars 4

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