Mobot Foam Roller Bottle

Foam rollers are one of the best things to happen to the world of stretching and recovery. Have a tight back? Roll it out. Want to get a deeper stretch? Hop on the foam roller. Mobot has improved the foam roller by combining it with another workout essential, the water bottle.

Now, instead of using the communal roller at your gym or having to go on trips without your trusty stretching mate at hand, you can easily carry your own personal one around wherever you go. Made with a stainless steel BPA free bottle and a non toxic EVA foam exterior you’ll get all the firmness you want from a roller without the pinch you’d usually get using a water bottle. Not only does the soft outside make for a nice cushion, but it provides for solid insulation – making it the perfect roller for the athlete on the go. Prices start at $65. [Purchase]

Mobot Bottle 1

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