Edorado 7S Electric Powerboat

It was only a matter a time before even the most powerful machines would make the transition into the electric world. Now, it appears Netherlands-base Edorado Marine may have broken that barrier with their first fully electric, zero emissions powerboat. Labeled the Edorado 7S, it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before and looks to shake up the electric boat world for the better.

The Edorado 7S features a hydrofoil design that floats the 7S above water thus creating very low drag and high speeds with little-needed engine output. With such a design the powerboat can hit up to 40 knots on the open water and thanks to the hydrofoil design, the ride will be oh-so-smooth no matter what the surface conditions. It took two years of market research, design, and product development to bring this concept to life and by the looks of these renderings, the 7S appears to be the next big step in a fossil-fuel-free world of transportation and recreation.

Eldorado 7S Electric Powerboat 3

Eldorado 7S Electric Powerboat 7

Eldorado 7S Electric Powerboat 2

Eldorado 7S Electric Powerboat 6

Eldorado 7S Electric Powerboat 4

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