Dynamoto Motocycle Stands

Any serious motorcyclist knows the importance of their garage. Whether building, modifying or simply maintaining, a garage is the home base of operations for your motorcycle. What’s also apparent is the lack of space in these second homes and the need to be mobile within the workspace. So in this vein, Dynamoto developed these Rotocaster wheels to make any necessary movement that much easier.

These omnidirectional wheels prop your bike off the ground and allow you to rotate and push it around the garage as needed. The concept comes from standard racing stands but Dynamoto decided to add movement into the mix. Each polyurethane wheel is made up of a three fixed-orientation wheel plates that rotate forward and backwards. Three sets of wheels make up each stand (a front wheel stand and one for both single-sided and double-sided swingarms) and they also act as a bumper while preventing the bike from accidentally tipping off the stand. It’s a great option for mechanics or collectors looking to harmlessly move things around in the garage. They’re available now for $515. [Purchase]

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