Triumph Tiger 800xc Dromedarii by Icon 1000

Military inspired vehicles are hit or miss. You either find some way to communicate the rugged and badass qualities of the armed services, or you just don’t. Icon 1000’s Dromedarii, a modified Triumph Tiger 800xc, belongs in the former’s camp.

Assembled in Hinckley, England, this bike was stripped of its plastic body by the Oregon based shop Icon 1000 and given steel cages and plates whose paint job call to mind M1A1 tanks. Of course, with a 199cc inline 3 DOHC engine delivering power to the rear wheel through a 6 speed transmission, this thing is a good deal more light on its feet than those big war rigs. Equipped with Conti TKC80 rubber tires, a raised subframe, and a stiffened Ohlins suspension, this beast of a bike can conquer trails in the backcountry or and asphalt roads on the highway For increased range and visibility, Icon even threw on a Ballistic battery to power PIAA HID lighting and auxiliary Rotopax fuel cells.

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