Makita RobotPro

It’s hard not to make some cheap Terminator joke when you come across something as capable and high tech as the Makita RobotPro. Essentially a heavy duty version of the Roomba, this vacuum just released in Japan is destined to automate the most tedious part of working in a warehouse – the cleanup.

Depending on what kind of battery you equip with this vacuum (either with two 3.0Ah or two 5.0Ah), it can autonomously clean areas between 57 x 57 feet, and 73 x 73 ft, so even if you are working in a large building the RobotPro can still take on the cleanup. Much like other robotic vacuums on the market, users can either let this thing run wild on the floor and let it guide itself with its bumper plates and sensors, or give it a preset path to follow. To extend the already impressive 2 hour run-time on the vacuum, Makita made it so users can turn off the fan and just run the brush to pick up large debris. Right now the RobotPro is retailing in Japan for around $776, but if you really want one you can find some on eBay starting around $970. [Purchase]

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