Timberleaf Camping Trailer

Traditional campers are a great way to explore everything the backcountry has to offer. Problem is they’re heavy – and that requires a large truck or SUV to tow them. Tipping the scales at less than 1,200 pounds, the Timberleaf Camping Trailer is the perfect alternative.

Timberleaf offers up many of the same amenities as your traditional camper trailer, but scaled down into a manageable bite-size package that can be towed by your sedan. It’s constructed from durable anodized aluminum that can be color customized to suit your needs, and is finished off with a clear anodizing running along the rooftop. The side entrance lets users access cozy sleeping quarters complete with a custom-made “Colorado” queen mattress, storage, and a massive skylight that allows you to literally sleep under the stars. Opening the rear hatch reveals all of your essentials from the birch galley sink and cooler to the colorful countertops for prepping your meals. Prices start at $14,500. [Purchase]

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