Levi’s x Google Smart Commuter Jacket

The technology that has been introduced into our lives over the past two decades has totally changed the way we interact with one another and the world – but after all these years we still interact with our devices in much the same way. Excluding the new smartwatches, we still have to reach into our pocket or crack open a laptop in order to use all of that powerful software and hardware. Google’s Project Jacquard has been looking to change that, and their brand new collaboration with Levi’s may be the first wearable technology that¬†actually looks wearable.

Using a simple conductive thread, Project Jacquard has essentially been able to weave maleable touch screens into the very thread of our clothing, taking us a step closer to making computers totally integrated into our clothing. The Bay Area tech giant decided to partner with Levi’s, another iconic brand that was started in San Francisco, to combine this new technology with the iconic denim jacket. Simple swipes and taps will prompt different responses from your smartphone, so you can use all of that tech in your pocket without having to fish around for it. If the collaboration works as well as it sounds, we may very well be closer to cracking the egg when it comes to wearables. Oh yeah, and you can throw it in the washing machine without any worries.¬†You can expect these during the Spring of 2017.

Smart Commuter Jacket by Levi's X Google 2

Smart Commuter Jacket by Levi's X Google 1

Smart Commuter Jacket by Levi's X Google 3

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