Hornet ATV Scooter

While it may have been years since you last hopped on a scooter, it doesn’t mean you have to leave them in the past with iPod Shuffles and Ed, Edd, n Eddy – or at least that’s what designer Leyland Clowsley thinks. The British designer is the mastermind behind The Hornet, a rugged four wheeled scooter capable of everything from popping over curbs to zooming around the office.

Constructed from a carbon fiber board attached to a chrome steel handlebar, this scooter is both light and durable. So you can skid to a stop quickly, the back edge of the board is tapered and given a couple of tough back brakes. All things said – this is perfect for a younger kid to swing around the block, or to be used as in-office transportation because…ya know, it’d make you faster and more efficient (right?). [HT: Yanko Design]

Hornet Scooter 1

Hornet Scooter 01

Hornet Scooter 03

Hornet Scooter 4

Hornet Scooter 5

Hornet Scooter 05

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