DOGO Tactial Combat Robot

Get ready for the deadliest RC tank yet. The fearless DOGO is a small 26-pound tank robot that houses a Glock 9mm pistol inside the unit. It’s capable of climbing stairs and is outfitted with two-way audio communications so you can communicate with your target, giving them one last chance to surrender, before shooting them down.

On a full battery, it cruises along at 2.5 miles per hour for over two hours. And thanks to the tank’s six video cameras -two of which are sighted along the pistol barrel- its operator enjoys a 360-degree view of the surrounding area, keeping an eye out for enemy threats and ready to strike at a moment’s notice. To aim, the operator simply uses the robot’s “point & shoot” interface by touching the aim point on the screen of the control unit. Suddenly a laser dot shows the aim point and guarantees accuracy each and every time. Dangerously intriguing if you ask us. Just make sure you’re no in the line of fire when these things come cruising around. Or at least put up a baby gate.

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