Micro Matter by Rosa de Jong

Scale anything up or down by extremes, no matter how simple it is, and it will transform from a commonplace and unremarkable object to a fascinating one. That is what Amsterdam based designer Rosa de Jong has accomplished with her Micro Matter series.

These miniatures of camp-sites, trailers, tree-houses and more are all suspended in glass beakers that seem to both protect and hem in the tiny worlds that they are part of. Constructed using tweezers, X-Acto knives, and a huge amount of attention to detail by the freelance designer, each piece varies in size – some as tall as 5 or 6 inches, while others are barely larger than a quarter. No matter the size though, each piece manages to feel both clinical and whimsical at the same. Rosa is currently in the process of setting up a webstore for her sculptures where you can purchase one starting around $130. [Purchase]

Micro Matter 1

Micro Matter 2

Micro Matter 3

Micro Matter 0

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