Boom Supersonic Airplanes

Commercial supersonic travel isn’t a new idea – for 34 years, the Concorde jet flew the Atlantic at over twice the speed of sound for British Airways and Air France. For a while, hopping the pond from JFK to Heathrow in half the time was worth the extra money to enough folks, but after one jet fatally crashed in 2000 and passenger numbers declined in the wake of the 9/11 attacks – both airlines were forced to retire their fleet of Concordes. Now, by the looks of it, a team of businessmen and aircraft engineers are looking to bring a new and improved supersonic jet back onto the market.

Boom aims to develop an aircraft that can travel at 1,452 miles per hour (roughly 120 mph faster than the Concorde) and can take you from New York to London in just 3.4 hours. This team, headed by the former engineer of marketing automation at Amazon and founder of Kima Labs, isn’t just looking to improving the technology of supersonic aircraft – they’re dedicated to building a sustainable business model that will attract passengers for years to come. If they reach their goals, you could be able to fly from New York City to Europe for the same cost of a business class flight before the decade is out. The team expects to release their first plane next year.

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