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The Slicks Travel System is a chameleon of the traveling world. If you need a backpack, it’s a backpack. If you need a briefcase, it’ll be your briefcase. More comfortable with a messenger-bag? No problem.

It’s actually kind of hard to get a good handle on how many things this bag is capable of doing. The bag is designed to work as a modular unit, so you can plug in certain organizers, or take them out as you need them. Designed to be small enough to fit in a carry-on bin, but versatile enough to carry whatever you need, the brand offers four different options to choose from. Slicks offers the Biz, their flagship model, the Trip, made for the weekend getaways, the Suit, designed for the business man on the go, and the straight up backpack for everyday carry that comes in either yellow or black. The Slicks Travel System has already surpassed their Kickstarter goal by nearly half, and are offering their modular backpacks starting at $178. [Purchase]

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