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Concept Loft by Oskar Firek

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Feb 8, 2016

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Ever see an apartment that looks too-good to be true? Well in this case, it is. Oskar Firek used Vray and Autodesk 3ds Max to design this realistic looking loft concept complete with honey-combed tiles, hard-wood floors, stained dark wood, tall window panes, and white walls.

This conceptual piece is sure to serve as inspiration for anyone looking to redesign a large open-aired space. With an emphasis on simplicity and sleek design, the real stand-outs here are the bathroom and the bedroom. With a simple glass door for the shower, and a heated towel rack – this part of the loft barely looks like a bathroom. The low lying mattress with white bed-sheets in a white bedroom show how much a change of color and material can do in respects to marking off a separate space in an apartment. If only it was real.

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 01

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 02

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 03

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 04

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 05

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 06

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 07

Concept Loft by Oskar Firek 08

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