Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet

With Will Smith’s latest Concussion film being in the back of the mind of every football player, coach and fan, and all of the injuries that have happened in the NFL this year alone, it’s fair to say that it’s about time for the NFL to find a safer way to play that doesn’t bore the fans. The football helmet teams are using now are the same ones they’ve been using for over 40 years, and now it’s time for a serious upgrade, like the Vicis Zero1 football helmet.

It’s a smarter helmet that has been specifically designed by neurosurgeons and engineers to act like a car bumper, deforming locally to absorb any impact. It’s multi-layered for extra safety. It’ll come in 12 various sizes to allow players to have a proper fit — something the current helmets don’t do — giving them a safer experience. [Via]

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