2016 Rezvani Beast X

It’s always hard to satisfy the need for speed, and regardless of a supercar’s horsepower, it seems to be a running theme that car-makers still want more. For example, Rezvani’s new Beast X model, which adds more hp and speed to its predecessor.

In fact, the new model adds a whopping 200 hp to the 500 hp that was already there, thanks to the addition of a pair of Borg Warner turbochargers, forged pistons and valves, and other internal tweaks. The power is all sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed transmission. The car’s new weight comes in at 1,850 pounds, which is 200 pounds more than the previous model, but the car has been imbued with additional downforce to help keep it on the ground. What’s more, the new design improves aerodynamics and handling. There are only five examples of the car world wide.

2016 Rezvani Beast X 2

2016 Rezvani Beast X 3

2016 Rezvani Beast X 4