This Is The Hardcore Off-Road 4×4 We Wish Jeep Would Build

A lot of people are drooling over Jeep’s latest release, a redux of their Gladiator pickup based on the Wrangler (as opposed to the Wagoneer). And while that bedded beast is plenty interesting, let’s not forget about the 4×4 on which it’s based. After all, the Wrangler is the spiritual successor to the CJ and, to this day, is perhaps the best all-around off-roader you can drive off the lot. Of course, it could still stand to be made better, as illustrated by this Jeep Shortcut concept from digital designer Igor Dmytrenko.

Based on the 2016 Moab Easter concept of the same name, this mud marauder takes everything that was great about Jeep’s original design and doubles down on them. That includes beefing up the roll cage, equipping it with better underbelly protection, swapping out the classic wheels for aggressive modern ones, and even ditching the headlights in favor of brighter LEDs. Mate that with a fresh coat of paint and some aggressive graphics and this is a concept we definitely wish we could take for a spin or two. Hopefully, the bigwigs at Jeep will take note of its magnificence.

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