2016 Jaguar C-X75 ‘Spectre’ Stunt Car

Jaguar is no stranger to the spotlight, with a number of immaculate luxury and supercar offerings that have been featured in a breadth of classic media and film. And while the 2016 Jaguar C-X75 might not immediately strike your interest as one of the manufacturer’s most iconic vehicles, it’s made a name for itself by finding a way into one of Hollywood’s most fabled film franchises.

James Bond aficionados know that the international super-spy loves his luxurious automotive manufacturers, so when Jaguar offered to contribute seven models of their now defunct C-X75 supercar to the production company of Bonds’ most recent film, Spectre, it was a match made in heaven. Four of the vehicles would be utilized as stunt cars for the film, along with the car you’re seeing now. Originally unveiled at 2010’s Paris Motor Show, the C-X75 was a concept car that was slated for use within continuous research and development for the UK-based manufacturer and has won several coveted titles such as “Best In Show” and the 2010 Louis Vuitton Classic Concept award. As for performance specs, they’re anything but conceptual — the original C-X75 sports a 778-horsepower, 5.0-liter twin-turbo engine that puts it well within the realm of “super” — but considering how both Hollywood and James Bond enjoy spicing things up, it’s not hard to believe that the vehicles used in the film would house a little extra power under the hood. The car is available for purchase through Kaaimans at the moment, but you’ll have to inquire directly if you’d like to know the price — in typical Bond fashion: it’s Top Secret.

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