2016 Indian Scout Sixty

America’s very first motorcycle company continues to push out new designs, as they’ve just unveiled an all-new bike that aims for style while being one of the most affordable bikes on the market. Meet the Indian Scout Sixty, which starts at just $9,000.

The bike uses a new 60 cubic inch, liquid-cooled motor that has been blacked-out to match the rest of the bike (excluding the tailpipes which remain chrome). It uses modern technology that ensures an outstanding ride experience, such as efficient electronic fuel injection, engine counterbalancing, and a 5-speed transmission. The headlight is also blacked out, and has an aesthetic that remains true to Scout’s heritage. It has a low seat height of just 25.3″, enabling impressive handling and maneuverability at low speeds, and it has a low center of gravity to provide exceptional control at higher speeds. To further keep in line with the original Scout, the Sixty features fleet-sided fenders. [Purchase]

2016 Indian Scout Sixty 2

2016 Indian Scout Sixty 3

2016 Indian Scout Sixty 4

2016 Indian Scout Sixty 5

2016 Indian Scout Sixty 6