2016 Icon FJ44 Peterson Special

Icon first made their existence known a while back with their customization of Toyota’s vintage FJ models, converting them into modern off-road machines. Since then, they’ve delved into other projects as well. Now, with the anniversary of their 100th build, Icon 4×4 presents us with yet again another example of their prowess in the world of off-road machinery: the 2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special.

The edition is set for display at the newly renovated Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA, thus giving the model its namesake. Among one of the biggest moderations to the Fj44 include a supercharged version of General Motors’ E-rod 6.2L V8 crate engine, giving the concept 540 horsepower and pushing it from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. To help tackle the trails, this truck features a Dana 44 front axle, Pro-rock Dana 60 rear axle, and a set of Brembo brakes on all four corners. Among other mechanical improvements, the Fj44 also features futuristic looking LED headlights, support for Apple Play, and brown Icon bucket seats to match the color. Though this particular model isn’t available, there are still plenty to choose from on their site.

2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special 3

2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special 4

2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special 2

2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special 6

2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special 1

2016 Icon Fj44 Peterson Special 7