2016 Honda Africa Twin

Honda has officially unveiled their newest motorcycle, the 2016 Africa Twin. In fact, Honda boldly stated that the bike will ‘redefine the expectations of what a large-capacity adventure motorcycle can and should be capable of.’

Of course, its design is based on the legendary Africa Twin that was both extremely reliable and versatile. The 2016 Africa Twin will feature a 998 cc parallel twin engine. It sports a 21-inch front wheel with an 18-inch rear wheel. It’s mounted in an aluminum frame and contains some design nods to Honda’s Dakar racing bike. The production version has a much larger silencer to allow a catalytic converter to be implanted for meeting noise regulations. The seat is also completely different, split into two sections for rider and passenger instead of one long, single seat. It’s also noticeably slimmer between the legs compared to its competitors, shedding some size by using a split airbox that straddles the front of the frame. Smooth. The 2016 Africa Twin will come in four colors. [Purchase]