2016 Hennessey HPE400 Ford Focus RS

Here is a plan that won’t ever fail to please. Get a Ford and give it to Hennessey Performance. The Texas based tuners have been upgrading cars and turning heads for 25 years now, and their HPE400 Ford Focus RS only continues that tradition.

What stands out about this vehicle in particular is that Hennessey was able to beat Ford to the punch in regards to pumping the Focus’ performance up to the next level. Thanks in part to some ECU upgrades, a high flow air filter, and a stainless steel mid pipe among other things the group of mechanics were able to unleash an extra 50 horses from the 2.3-liter turbo four cylinder engine, bringing it up to an even 400 horsepower alongside 425 lb-ft of torque. Just in case anyone doubts what you are pushing, the exterior of the car will come featuring Hennessey badges and a ‘Powered by Hennessey’ badge. All it’ll cost you? $5,000. [Purchase]

HPE400 Ford Focus RS 5

HPE400 Ford Focus RS 6

HPE400 Ford Focus RS 7