Eastern Spirit’s 2016 Ducati Scrambler 400 Pays Homage To Vintage GP Racers

In 2015, Ducati announced the inaugural iteration of its “Custom Rumble” global contest — a spectacular test of technical efficiency and aftermarket modification centered atop its versatile Scrambler range. Within, hand-selected shops were offered the ability to prove their worth through customized iterations of Ducati’s flagship models, including Eastern Spirit Garage — a prized builder hailing from the village of Starawieś, Poland.

Instead of elaborating on one of Ducati’s full-sized models, Eastern Spirit made the last-minute decision to modify the smaller and more boisterous Scrambler Sixty2. As a more compact 400cc platform, the Sixty2 presented its own suite of challenges and difficulties, leading to an almost-complete rebuild of its chassis and swing-arm. Following the refinement of its foundation, the bike was simplified further, taking on a structurally-acute cafe tail and custom-ribbed leather saddle, an upswept subframe, and a bespoke exhaust system that pays homage to iconic GP race platforms. Upfront, the bike’s stock instrumentation has been placed within a custom headlight shell, complementing a set of turn signals now-replaced by retro-styled micro indicators directly under the tank. As a result, Eastern Spirit’s cleanly-tailored Scrambler caught the eye of Ducati’s contest supervisors, winning top honor in the company’s 2016 showdown. Now, the bike is listed for sale via TheBikeShed for $18,045.

Purchase: $18,045