2016 Audi A8 L Extended

When life gives you an Audi A8, make a limousine. At least that was the thought process behind one European buyer who insisted Audi stretch the A8 L from 17.3 feet to 20.9 feet. The one-off now features six doors, capable of comfortably seating six people in luxury, and an extended wheelbase of 13.8 feet.

Experts invested almost a year in developing and building the extended sedan. The results also look well worth the effort in a final product that exceeds the high standards of the regular production model. The frame is made almost entirely from aluminum and embedded in the roof is a 7.9-foot glass panel to enhance the sense of spaciousness within the cabin. All passengers face the direction of travel in the vehicle, and each seat is upholstered in velvet beige Valcona leather.

Underneath it all, the one-off A8L Extended version is powered by a 3.0 TFSI engine, putting out 310hp and delivering up to 324.5lb-ft of torque, which propels the sedan from 0-62 in 7.1 seconds, topping out at 155mph. An eight-speed Tiptronic transfers this engine power to the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system. Want one of your own? You may be in luck. Audi claims customer response has been quite positive, and the company has already received multiple requests to build more of these luxury sedan limousines in the future, though pricing has not been released.

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