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Skydome Cabin

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Dec 16, 2015

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Dome-shaped housing still isn’t common, as most of our homes have an angular, boxy feel to them. But Russian company Skydome has created an impressive series of homes that revolve around rounded structures, giving a new contemporary spin on the classic home.

There are currently six different models, each coming in a different size. The smallest starts at 34 square meters, and the largest hits 300 square meters.The Skydome supports over 1,500 pounds of snow per square meter, and it is able to stand up to other weather as well as traditional homes. The curved walls provides energy efficiency, since it has a low rate of heat loss. Along the sides, you’ll find large windows that curve upwards toward the top center of the home. The interior design possibilities are endless, as you’re not limited by side walls. Pricing information is currently unavailable. [Purchase]

Skydome 2

Skydome 3

Skydome 4

Skydome 5

Skydome 6

Skydome 7

Skydome 8

Skydome 9

Skydome 10

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