Best Made Co. Japanese Axes

Crafted out of true Japanese white oak then given a baptism by fire to seal them against weather, protect them against rot, and defend against colonizing insects, these hand axes are as functional and tough as they are remarkably beautiful. Created for precision cutting rather than hacking and slashing, these could be your ideal sidearm in the woods.

Made by Japanese legend Mizuno-san the axes bear any of three unique and traditional Japanese patterns from various regions of the country. The heads are drop forged with each one not only looking strikingly different and distinct, but also made to cope with different kinds of wood, from the soft and supple to the steel-tough. Wedge fittings on the top adjust easily in the field so that when working, adventuring, or just camping, you’ll never need to stop to fix your axe, though you may stop to admire it. [Purchase]

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