Samsung Serif TV

Samsung has taken the modern TV design and flipped it on its axis by debuting the Samsung Serif, a reinvention of the conventional TV that blends art and electronics.

The television is often the focal point of someone’s living room, so the company’s intention was to make a new television that didn’t look like an ugly necessity. Mission successful. With the help of French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the company has successfully designed a television that not only contains impressive visuals on the screen, but also sports a design that owners can be proud to display. While most new TVs aim to go as thin as possible, the Serif has a much thicker base than any other new TV. But, it’s artfully thick; thick with the purpose of having a cool, mid-century inspired design. It will be released in European markets soon, and it could make its way to the States if it’s successful. [Purchase]

Samsung Serif TV 01

Samsung Serif TV 2

Samsung Serif TV 3

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