Molecule Wayne Residence

When we see some of our pop culture in architecture, we stop and take note. In fact, we frequently look for ideas taken from sci-fi films or big budget blockbusters when it comes to finding homes to showcase. But, architecture firm Molecule has taken it to an entirely new level with theĀ Dark Knight-inspired 12-car basement garage.

The firm took the idea from the Bruce Wayne’s mansion, and added it to a house that was built in 1929. The old house’s modern garage has a secret entrance in the adjacent tennis court, where part of the court lifts up to allow cars to enter, and then lowers back down once the car is safely inside. What’s more, the garage has LED lights on its ceiling which can be set to highlight and showcase each car individually.

Molecule Wayne Residence 1

Molecule Wayne Residence 03

Molecule Wayne Residence 2

Molecule Wayne Residence 3

Molecule Wayne Residence 4

Molecule Wayne Residence 5

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