Aquor House Hydrant

Garden hoses aren’t typically products that see a great deal of focus and innovation, mostly because the hoses we use now work pretty well as intended. But, a new product aims to change how we use our hoses by replacing the standard hose bibs that stick out of the side of your house with a flush-mount faucet system.

The Aquor House Hydrant offers a fast, efficient hose connection that automatically turns water on and off. It’s installed in the same manner as a conventional outdoor faucet. The design uses 100% lead-free stainless steel, and it’s also completely frost-free. There are no more leaks, loose connections, or dripping faucets. To turn your hose on, you simply insert the Aquor connector into the House Hydrant. It has a UV-resistant debris cover that neatly hides the steel faceplate when it’s not in use. It’ll also give your home a new modern touch. It’s available now for $50. Watch the video below. [Purchase]

Aquor House Hydrant 2

Aquor House Hydrant 3

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