Klokers KLOK-01 Watch

Proving that inspiration can come from anywhere, the new KLOK-01 from the upcoming Klokers brand uses a slide-rule makeup to create a disk watch that is miles from ordinary with its mid-century appeal and vintage throwback look. With varying dials indicating seconds, hours, and minutes, the time is told entirely by a single vertical line and a magnifying glass. As much conversation starter as timepiece, the KLOK-01 is a novelty that looks ready to become a full collector’s item.

Though it looks deceptively complex, this offers up as much information as any standard analog watch without extraneous nonsense, so don’t worry about being flummoxed. Beneath the ticking dials is real Swiss construction and Ronda movement that will keep you on time and on track. When the Kickstarter campaign hits, this promises to pre-sell for $199, but that price jumps to $389 if you languish on your laurels. [Purchase]

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