Punkt MP 01 Phone

If you’re sick of all of the hoopla that comes with shiny new smartphones — the apps, the cameras, the frivolousness of it all — your in for a treat. A new phone, called the Punkt MP 01, is hitting the market and is meant solely for calls and messages.

The Punkt MP 01, which was designed by Jasper Morrison, has a 2-inch LCD display that is protected by Gorilla Glass. And the only other common feature of today’s phones it contains is Bluetooth, which allows for handsfree sets. Other than that, the Punkt is as basic as basic gets. There aren’t any apps nor is there a Siri or Cortana to keep you company. Instead, you’ll get a simple phone that has incredible battery life and a gray matte finish. The Punkt MP 01 will launch at a $300 price point. [Purchase]

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