Pocket Skater 2

Tracking shots, where the camera is mounted on a moving dolly, have been used for decades in Hollywood. But what if you’d like to give your videos a little boost of professionalism? The PocketSkater 2 can do that for you.

Edelkrone’s new accessory can be used with a dedicated camera or a smartphone, as its three wheels extend separately and effortlessly glide in any direction you like. The FlexTilt Head technology lets you adjust the angle, height, and rotation of your shots, so there’s no need for a tripod. You can even shift the center of gravity and still achieve perfect balance for unique situations. The PocketSkater 2 weighs just one pound and is just dying for you to skate it around that freshly baked homemade pizza you’re so proud of. [Purchase]

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Pocket Skater 2 2

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