Deus Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are pretty unique by themselves, but when you create one as dramatically offbeat as the Deus Electric, people take notice.

Built by Australians Ryan Mischkulnig and Joe Fischer, the Deus Electric started off as a Honda C90 Cub. After stripping it down and removing the gasoline engine and associated parts, a 5.2kW motor and 1.5 kWh LiFePO4 battery system from an electric MX bike called the H-52 Hurricane was laced into the rear wheel. Those are women’s bicycle handlebars you’re looking at there, while the headlight was replaced with a vintage Marshall car spotlight and a new seat was made from exercise mat foam and leather from the back of an old leather jacket. Impressive. So impressive that the bike went on to win the 2015 Deus Bike Build Off in Sydney.

Deus Electric Motorcycle 2

Deus Electric Motorcycle 3

Deus Electric Motorcycle 4

Deus Electric Motorcycle 5

Deus Electric Motorcycle 6

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