We’ve got some breaking news to report: There has been a breakthrough from the world of… umbrellas. Hold on, it’s more interesting than you might think.

Using a patented, reverse folding design, the KAZbrella opens inside out. Think of a flower opening and you’ll get the idea. This unique action leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when it’s closed so there’s no dripping on the floor or anything else it touches. Other perks of the unique design include the ability to open and close it in confined spaces without removing someone’s eyeball; even closing it between a narrow space between your car and the car door can happen. The KAZbrella is also double-spoked and extremely strong, making it a powerful foe of Mother Nature’s fiercest winds. And should it get blown inside out, a click of the button restores it back to its open shape. [Purchase]


KAZbrella 3

KAZbrella 4

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