FB1 Race-Taxi

No matter how long in the tooth it gets, the Volkswagen Microbus/Kombi/ Transporter/etc. continues to draw a crowd. The latest custom-built version is called the FB1 Race-Taxi, and it’s a wowfest from bumper to bumper.

Owner Fred Bernhard of Switzerland has invested six years of his life into this creation, and it most notably features an air-cooled 6-cylinder Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo engine that generates 523 horsepower. It’s mated with a 6-speed 996 GT3 gearbox, and stops with original Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo brakes with ABS. The interior features a plethora of 993 gauges and electronics, as well as a Porsche 917-style gear knob made out of wood. Where the rear side windows used to be are now twin air intakes, and a dry sump tank is mounted in between the seats.

FB1 Race-Taxi 2

FB1 Race-Taxi 3

FB1 Race-Taxi 4

FB1 Race-Taxi 5

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