Peugeot Le Bistro Du Lion Food Truck

Running a food truck business has always sounded pretty cool to us—except for the actual truck part. Lumbering around town in a grease-stained gas guzzler probably gets old fast. But Peugeot’s new Le Bistro du Lion food truck has us drooling with dreams of dishing out fish tacos across the country. Look at this thing!

The Peugeot Design Lab came up with the concept, using a custom van with an attached trailer to spread out into an instant restaurant. There’s a mobile kitchen, standing tables to accommodate 30 diners, and even a DJ booth. Food truck specialist Euromag added two grilling plates, four induction burners, a deep fryer, 100-gallon floorboard refrigerator, secondary 90-gallon drinks fridge, and a Rocket Espresso machine to take it into the stratosphere. To top it off, a 46-inch screen shows customers outside what’s happening in the kitchen. Look for the Le Bistro du Lion to get its first test during Milan Design Week starting April 14.

Peugeot Le Bistro Du Lion Food Truck 2

Peugeot Le Bistro Du Lion Food Truck 3

Peugeot Le Bistro Du Lion Food Truck 4

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