Jevo Automated Jell-O Shot Maker

Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to Jell-O shots since your glory days in college, but there’s a good chance they’re about to get back on your radar soon. Here’s Jevo, the first full automated Jell-O shot maker.

Using a Keurig-influenced gelatin pod system, Jevo can turn out 20 alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) Jell-O shots in just 10 minutes, as opposed to the three-plus hours it normally takes for the process. With three LED screens, Jevo is also about marketing and How-Tos as well. The front screen is touch-enabled and guides the bartender through the shot-making process, while the other two can be used for ads and promotions. Other highlights include two reservoirs with capacity for 50 ounces, a self-cleaning system and Wi-Fi connectivity. Jevo will likely show up first in chain restaurants, bars, nightclubs and casinos with around 15 flavors, including margarita, pina colada, watermelon, and banana cream pie. [Purchase]

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