StoneBreaker Tailgating Glove

One might think that with the end of football season upon us, tailgating season is also done for a while. No sir. If there’s a basketball-loving bone in your body (and a down coat), we’ve found just the right accessory for you to fire up some franks in section 14K of the Minnesota Timberwolves parking lot this February.

Of course, the StoneBreaker Tailgating Glove is probably meant to protect your hands from the grill’s open flames, but it’ll keep ‘em warm too in the winter as you carry the condiments to and fro. Made with 100% leather, these work gloves feature an extended cuff to keep your precious wrist hair intact. And the kicker: a custom stamped, hex nut design, aluminum bottle opener embedded smack dab in the right palm. The hex nut designed hanging loops let you keep the gloves together and hung with the rest of your grill tools. [Purchase]

StoneBreaker Tailgating Glove 2

StoneBreaker Tailgating Glove 3

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