LG Door-In-Door Mega-Capacity Refrigerator

Once again it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when the latest advances in bleeding edge audio, video, and computer gadgetry is unveiled. Oh, and refrigerators.

Yes, LG’s Door-In-Door Mega-Capacity fridges (model LPXS34886C) has seriously caught our eyes thank to its two independent door-in-door compartments, giving you better organization and easy access to your food while smartly conserving precious cold air (cold air loss is reduced by up to 47 percent). With its inside or out option, the right door is perfect for drinks and snacks, and with 34 cubic feet of space, your Super Bowl stash will fit with ease. Other features include a fresh air filter, LED interior lighting, EasyLift bins which let you adjust the height of the internal compartments to accommodate large or oddly-shaped bottles, and LG’s Smart Diagnosis smartphone app which lets you record and analyze signals from the refrigerator for immediate advice on repair options. [Purchase]

LG Electronics Door-in-DoorTM

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