2015 Zero Electric Motorcycles

Dec 4, 2019

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Since 2004, the team at Zero Motorcycles have been creating a more eco-conscious 2-wheeler. Every year the brand has made iterations to their existing lineup, and the 2015 Zero Electric Motorcycle collection is easily the best yet.

Now as you already know, there has long been a disparity between electric motorcycles and their gasoline counterpart, making the latter much more practical to own. For the first time ever though, that gap seems to be closing. For the new year, Zero has built electric bikes that are capable of 185 miles on a single charge, and start at just $9,845 – a far cry from their humble beginnings. There are 4 different options available, all of which have been outfitted with individually tuned Showa suspension systems, Bosch anti-locking braking systems for stop on a dime power, and ultra sticky Pirelli tires for maximum traction. Other features include improved throttle responsiveness, seat ergonomics, and new alloy wheels. Check out the specifics of each model below.

2015 Zero Motorcycle S 1

2015 Zero Motorcycle S 2

The Zero S model was built to rid yourself of your current 2-wheeled commuter vehicle. The letter “S” stands for “streetfighter,” and this bad boy is nothing short of that with a range of 185 miles on a single charge.

2015 Zero Motorcycles FX  1

2015 Zero Motorcycles FX  2

When you’re looking for an electric dirt bike, the Zero FX “stealthfighter” delivers in flying colors. This thing was built specifically for the dirt, and while it’s battery pack is the smallest of the bunch, it’s also the most economical selling for $9,845.

2015 Zero Motorcycles DS 1

2015 Zero Motorcycles DS 2

The Zero DS was built for those of you looking to explore everything the great outdoors has to offer, from asphalt highways to the backcountry dirt road. These start at $13,345 and feature a range of 104 miles on the low end up to the 170 miles on the high end.

2015 Zero Motorcycles SR 1

2015 Zero Motorcycles SR 2

So you want the best of the best? Well nothing holds a candle to the Zero SR. With a top speed of over 100 miles per hour, and a zero to sixty time of 3.3 seconds, this 2-wheeler will be the fastest electric motorcycle on the market.

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