2015 Yamaha XJR1300

Yamaha may be most known for their modern era racing bikes, but they’re here to prove they also know how to build vintage inspired machines as well. Gaining inspiration from some of our favorite customizers on the scene, including Keino and Deus Ex Machina, the brand has unveiled their latest addition – the 2015 Yamaha XJR1300 Motorcycle.

This beauty is sporting a stripped down look, complete with that slim fuel tank. The bike is powered by a 4-cylinder DOHC 1,250 fuel-injected engine making 98 horsepower through a 4-2-1 matte black exhaust, finished off with a freshly designed muffler tail cap. Yamaha’s new 2-wheeler will be available in your choice of Power Blue, Midnight Black and our personal favorite – Matte Grey. There’s just one problem. Right now Yamaha says the bike will be released in Europe this coming December, but there’s no announcement as to when this thing will land on American soil. Only time will tell. [Purchase]

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 2

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 3

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 4

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 5

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