2015 Land Rover Defender XS 90 By Chelsea Truck Co.

When it comes to classic SUVs, very few come close to the pedigree of the Land Rover Defender — they’ve always been built brilliantly. But a large amount of credit has to go to their versatility. After all, they can be both hardcore off-road machines or absolutely stunning urban commuters. This 2015 Land Rover Defender XS 90 by Chelsea Truck Co. is a prime example of the latter.

Done up in a beautiful yellow called ‘Honey Mustard,’ this pickup-style Defender only has 7,351 miles on its 122 horsepower 2.2-liter TDCI engine — meaning it’s practically brand-spanking-new. That fact is only solidified by its pristine (albeit aggressive) exterior and gorgeous quilted black leather interior. This is definitely more of a road-going showboat than some of its more rugged counterparts, but it might just be the perfect SUV for summertime cruising — whether you find yourself in a small beach town or meandering through a big city. Pricing is set at $92,880.

Purchase: $92,800