2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 By No. 8 Wire Motorcycles

Photos: Athena Photography

Making the boisterous appear completely mundane is work of art that most professionals strive to achieve in their field, though few have the ability to balance the line between absurd and obvious to get it done right. Kiwi turned Montanan, Colin Cornberg is a guy that is going to start resonating for being an artist that has honed his craft, fabricating custom motorcycles known as Number 8 Wire, especially as he continues to turn out builds like this 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750.

Working with a customer that acquired one of the previous No. 8 Moto builds, Colin talked the guy out of an old CB and into something a bit more modern, and the water cooled HD was chosen to get the job done. A completely new, beautifully done fuel tank was fabricated, after a couple of failed attempts, and new body panels were hand pounded from sheet aluminum to close out the rear end and shield the bike from tire splash. The rear end of the Harley was ripped off and replaced with a manually bent tubular steel subframe and push-rod style rear suspension from the Ducati 1098, a mind bending choice that looks at home with the Cornberg touch. A new seat cover from New Church Moto then fresh paint and pinstriping from a local finish off the bike before it headed off to be a show stopper at The One Moto Show earlier this year.

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