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Revel At 3 Of Bugatti’s Beautiful Never-Before-Seen Concept Supercars

As has been made all too clear to automotive fanatics around the world, few concept cars ever go on to be produced — and those are just the ones made public. Some spectacular cars are never brought to light, which is often a shame. That’s exactly the case with this trio of concept cars from Bugatti that has just been revealed to the public.

Originally envisioned to complement the brand’s Chiron supercar, the first concept was called the Bugatti Atlantic and was actually built to be premiered at the 2015 Pebble Beach concourse (though it never showed). It featured a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a two-seater cockpit, a V8 engine, mechanized doors, and a gorgeous two-dimensional leather interior. The second was actually a revamped and revised version of the brand’s previous model called the Veyron Barchetta — a topless two-seater coupe with a wraparound windshield that would go on to inspire some of the Divo’s styling cues. And the last, but not least, never made it past the drawing board; the W16 Coupe was a completely exclusive luxury powerhouse with the same proportions as the Atlantic, but with unique parts that were so rare, the car would have been priced as much as $20,000,000 per unit. It’s a shame that these vehicles never saw the light of day, but we’re happy to head they’ve helped inspire Bugatti’s future.

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