Wall Ride by Zannochi & Starke

We all have had some pretty awesome skateboards throughout our lifetime, some of them we wish we couldĀ have displayed on our bedroom wall (for example, some of our World Industries boards). Now, there’s a solution for that. Introducing the Wall Ride shelf by Zannochi & Starke, a wall shelf that allows you to safely and securely mount your skateboard for display.

Aside from just having a skateboard mount, the two shelves have room to hold books, electronics, action figures, keys or whatever else you might want to have displayed for all to see. It also has hooks to hang your sweatshirt or headphones on. It fits a variety of skateboards for display, and it can even be used to open bottles. If you didn’t think it possible to elegantly display your deck, think again. The Wall Ride is available for $175 at Zanoochi & Starke’s official online store. [Purchase]

Wall Ride by Zanocchi and Starke 2

Wall Ride by Zanocchi and Starke 3

Wall Ride by Zanocchi and Starke 4

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