Ulock Keyless Smart Bike Lock

Whether you use your 2-wheeler for commuting, or for recreational riding, investing in a solid bike lock is a must. While we do like a lot of the more conventional options on the market, offerings like Ulock smart lock show that a little bit of technology can go a long way.

This keyless bike lock is not only extremely secure, but it’s also mind numbingly easy to use. Simply tap on your smartphone both to lock and unlock, and the PIN code-protected app works on Android and iOS powered devices, using Bluetooth 4.0 LE to stay wirelessly connected. If tapping the phone is too much effort, the proximity mode setting will automatically detect when you’re close, unlocking as you approach, and will also lock when you begin to walk away (3-meter range). This ensures you never even have to remove your phone from your pocket. The battery on the lock itself was built to last for several years, and the built-in geo location lets you track down the location of your bike. Now all you need is a good bike pump, and you’re ready to roll. [Purchase]

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