The Art Of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse

The old dinnertime question your parents threw at you, “How do you know you don’t like something unless you try it?” sounds good on the surface, but what about human flesh? Did Mom ever gnaw on her sister to find out whether she had a taste for sibling skin? If she did, she might be a (very patient) zombie.

Either way, you need to prepare for the day that zombies walk among us, and since Taco Bell won’t be open late during that time, The Art Of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse could be a very valuable companion. Here you’ll find more than 80 recipes aimed at making human survival a tasty experience, plus plenty of gastronomic survival tips and dozens of diagrams and illustrations to help you improvise your way to a post-apocalypse meal that won’t piss off Gordon Ramsay—who we would NOT want to see as a zombie. [Purchase]

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