Hole Fire Pit by AK47 Design

No matter what comes along – radio, TV, smartphones, the KFC Double Down – man will always have a sweet spot for his first true invention: fire. But can man’s hottest friend be made more convenient?

The Hole Fire Pit by Italian design studio AK47 gives you the ability to hold cookouts, campfires, or, uh, book burnings in your backyard at any time, and still take up minimal space when it’s not in use. What you get is a steel bowl that goes into a hole in the ground and gives you ample space for getting your fire going. The included closing disk lets you seal up the hole and keep your playing field level. Purchase the accompanying stainless steel grill and you’ll be all set for impromptu cookouts. [Purchase]

Hole Fire Pit by AK47 Design 2

Hole Fire Pit by AK47 Design 3

Hole Fire Pit by AK47 Design 4

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