EDC Ink Pens

We might not think much about pens much anymore, but we’ll be damned if the need for one doesn’t keep popping up on a regular basis. Blank Forces has the right idea: continue to not think about pens, but always have one handy.

That’s the deal with EDC (Every Day Carry) Ink pens, these ultra-portable writing instruments that blend in on your keychain and deliver smooth and precise performance when you need to sign a form or jot down a particularly kickass pot roast recipe. Made with a 304 stainless steel body, brass tip and brass end screw, EDC Ink pens use standard refills, and no tools are required for ink replacement—simplicity is in full effect here. Choose from two sizes: the X1, at 3.2″ long and 0.83oz., or the X2, which is 4″ long and weighs 1.1oz. [Purchase]

EDC Ink Pens 2

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