Athos Core: Fitness Tracking Apparel

Not everyone likes wearing something on their wrist as they exercise. Maybe they like the uncluttered look, or perhaps there’s a meaningful tattoo of their mom there that they just don’t want to cover up. Whatever the reason, it’s worth noting that with Athos, fitness tracking is now available inside your apparel.

Whether it’s a compression shirt or shorts, these garments feature proprietary electromyography sensors that conform to the contours of your body while connecting to the Athos Core, with real-time details about your body then sent to an iPhone. You’ll see which muscles are working hard and which ones are coasting, as well as how your heart rate and breathing are doing. Both the shirt and shorts have flat-seam construction, with four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and UPF 50 treatment built-in. Just clip the Core (a 2.5-inch-long, 20-gram, wireless device) into place and you’re good to go. [Purchase]

Athos Core- Fitness Tracking Apparel 1

Athos Core- Fitness Tracking Apparel 2

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